Shop labor rate is $70 per hour

Lawn mower blade sh​arpening is

  • $7 off the mower
  • $15 on the mower

Chain saw Chain sharpening is 

  • $8 off the saw
  • $15 on the saw

Garden Tools - Axe, Knive, Shear $7

Tire and Inner Tube Installation

  • $20 off the equipment
  • $25 on the equipment (rims that are stuck on the axle will be billed at hourly rate to remove)
  • $35 for belt drive walk-behind mowers

Pull Starter repair​ (off equipment only)

  • $15 (plus parts) rope only
  • $20 (plus parts) internal repair

Diagnostic Fees:

  • $20 flat Small power tools
  • $30 flat basic diagnostic
  • $70 per hour for in depth electrical, transmission, hydraulic, and internal engine


  • $20 for small hand held power tools.
  • $30 for large power tools and small engine powered equipment.
  • $70 for paint sprayers

All sharpening services must be paid in full up front.

Deposits are non-refundable.Once you have left your tool here for any length of time, weather or not you have received your estimate the deposit cannot be refunded. If you approve any part of the estimate once given to service your tool the deposit will be applied toward the repair cost.   

Definition of Estimate:To produce, written or verbally, an approximate cost for services rendered and materials provided.  Actual repair cost may vary from estimate given. 

Our service department staffs experienced, skilled technicians that are willing and able to preform services from basic maintenance to complete engine overhauls. We service all major brand of outdoor power equipment and construction tools.